What Is Stem Club?

Stem Club is a part of EmilyDrums.com's website dedicated to giving you free professional quality and high quality drum stems!

It came about when I realised a big part of why I love what I do is giving people the creative means to make music and inspire, so here we are!

You are welcome to download any (or all!) the different stems packs, and use them in any way you like such as:

  • recording
  • writing
  • playing to
  • practising editing, mixing or production

What am I asking for in return?

  1. To be credited (a 'credit pack' is included in every stem pack) and help other musicians find their way over :-)
  2. If you decide to create some new music and want some bespoke drums recorded, you'll keep me in mind :-) 

I will be releasing new stems every month (sometimes even more frequently), and you'll be notified when they're up!

How do you join the club?

Easy! All you have to do is register, and you're in!

Happy creating! :-D